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New Release

"I Fell In Love With  His Promises" By Kama Burton

This book is to encourage ladies of all ages, to focus on falling in love with the promises of God and not fall in love with the promises of man. It's time for us to look deeper within ourselves before we get into a relationship that can cause regret in our lives later down the line. It's time for ladies to begin to search who they are before someone tries to dictate whom they will become. Domestic violence is on the rise and toxic relationships are starting at a very young age. This book will help those pondering on where they are mentally and help them to discover that God has great plans for them. Once we discover that God has our best interest at heart, he will bring the right person into our lives that will bring joy and not sorrow because His promises can't be lies.

Slow Down,

Baby Girl!


Girls today are bombarded with peer and media pressures that tell them they must become something else in order to be beautiful, accepted, or to fit in. Well that is about to change. Young girls are in need of a message that is relevant to their age group, uplifting, and encouraging. This journal will address situations that show up in everyday pre-teen life, and offer valuable tools on how to overcome undesirable thought patterns! 

Inspired Word:

A Christian


In Inspired Word, John Thomas takes an “in your face” approach when it comes to applying biblical principles to daily life. His voice speaks directly to young adults who desire to hear a word that is relevant to modern joys, frustrations, and concerns. Inspired word confronts social issues of today’s Christian, and proposes easy instruction on how to “find the escape route” when put in positions that cater to the nature of sin. This powerful collection of daily devotionals reminds us that no matter the walk of life—no one is exempt from Gods love, mercy, nor His wrath!

If this little book has peeked your interest at all, there is only one reason why you are here. You too, would like to know how to grow your beautiful tresses to your desired length. Nothing more, nothing less. This is not a book on how to go natural, nor is it a styling guide. This simple guide will offer foundational principles for keeping the hair you've waited so patiently for. Whether you prefer your hair natural, permed or pressed, these tips will get you well on your way to minimizing breakage, retaining length, and improving the overall health of your hair.

The Belly of

A Woman


“Shining light on the behavior and reasons why so many young women and men are unhappy, and go through life not realizing, not knowing that they have choices. The Belly of a Woman encourages that even happiness can be a choice...it just takes work to get there, but it's so worth it." 
     - Anne Kempner Fisher, Literary Editor